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Here is a Solar System Toolkit that offers you to links for grades K-12 with appropriate STEM Skills. Please feel free to email janet@janetsplanet.com with successes and or suggestions from the classroom as you use and implement these resources. Have some COSMIC FUN!

• A Family Guide to the Sun (ages 6-13)

  • Scale Model of the Sun, Earth and Moon (p. 12)
  • Layers of the Sun (p. 14-15)
  • Discover Why the Sun Appears to Rise and Set (p. 24-25)

*Photos from ESA Science and Technology Storyboard,      


• Listen to a song about the sun
The Sun Song
Shoulders of Giants
• Dance of the Planets
• Earth and Mars Poster Front
• Earth and Mars Poster Back Activities
• Mars Calendar Project
• Astronomy Project 
• Solar System Bead Distance Project
• Good Vibrations
• Hubble Telescope
• Chandra X-Ray Observatory
• Decoding Starlight: From Pixels to Images (Middle Grades)
• Decoding Starlight: From Pixels to Images (High School)
• ESA Science and Technology: International Ultraviolet Explorer
• Designing a Crew Exploration Vehicle (Grades 3-5)

For Educators: http://www.nasa.gov/pdf/146850main_Designing_a_CEV_Educator.pdf

En Espanol: http://www.nasa.gov/pdf/147027main_Designing_a_CEV_Educator.sp.pdf

For Students:    http://www.nasa.gov/pdf/146851main_Designing_a_CEV_Student.pdf

En Espanol: http://www.nasa.gov/pdf/147028main_Designing_a_CEV_Student.sp.pdf

Video: English and Spanish https://education.jsc.nasa.gov/explorers/

• Solar System Memory Game


• ESL Solar System Memory Game

• New Horizons Mission Guide (Grades 2-5)




• Making a Sun Clock (Grades K-8)
• Two Astronomy Games “Small and Large” “Near and Far” (Grades K-8, PowerPoint)
• Journey through the Universe – Voyage: A Journey through Our Solar System, Grades K-2, Lesson 2: A View of Home from the Front Door and from Space
• Secret Worlds: The Universe Within (FSU Power of 10)
• Powers of 10 CERN
• The Cosmic Distance Scale (online)
• Flash Scale of the Universe Visualization
• ESA Science & Technology – Hubble: 15 Years of Discovery (online, Grades K-12)
• What is a planet? (video, Grades 9-12)
• NASA Solar System Exploration
• Solar System Lithograph Set (online, Grades K-12)
• On the Moon – Touchdown (Grades 3-12, p. 16-19)
• Cassini Equinox Mission – Titan Flyby on June 21, 2010 (Grades K-12, online)
• An Earth-based Tour of the Moon (Grades K-12)
• Destination: Mars – Getting There! Navigation and Trajectory (p. 3-10, Grades 5-12)
• Living with a Star: Educator Resources for Understanding Connections Between the Sun and Earth – Projecting the Sun (p. 15, Grades K-12)
• Pinhole Camera – Touch the Sun (Grades 5-12)
• Pinhole Camera – Touch the Sun
• Sun-Earth Day
• Space Weather Action Center
• Stardust Activity Guide – Egg Drop Sample Return Capsule (p. 62-64)
• Build a Solar System (online spreadsheet, Grades K-12)
• Your Age on Other Worlds (online)
• Your Weight on Other Worlds (online)
• The Nine Planets Solar System Tour
• Cylindrical Galactic Coordinates: A 3D Model (Grades K-12)
• E-simulations at NASA Glenn (online)
• WrightSim (download, Grades 6-9)
• SpaceSim (download)
• MarsFlight (download)
• StarChild (lower elementary)
• Solar System Shuffle (online, level 1)
• Moonlight Madness (online, level 2)
• Cassini-Huygens: Kids Space
• Solar System Simulator (online)

• Fit Explorer Challenge/Train Like and Astronaut!





Each activity has a handout (in notebook), data page, and teacher guide (view online for lesson questions).

Base Station Walk-Back

Crew Strength Training

Do a Spacewalk!

Jump for the Moon

Mission: Control

• Education Highlights
• Making Time Fly
• Sled Kite
• Air Engines
• Reflection of Light With a Plane (Flat) Mirror – Trace a Star
• Get a Leg Up (Educator)
• Get a Leg Up (Student)